Money$uit 31 Rules of Play

Money$uit 31 is a three card style casino card game with a single draw card option. The objective of the game is to combine up to 3 suited cards to get a point value of 17 or higher. Blackjack scoring is used, where the faces are equal to 10 points and aces are eleven. The game is played with up to seven players playing the odds versus a pay table (not vs. a dealer).

The way the game is played goes as follows:

1) Place an Ante wager and optional Natural 31 Bonus wager

2) A Money$uit will be determined*

3) Get three cards face down

4) Decide to Play (match Ante Wager) or Fold

5) If you play, you will receive one new card from the dealer. Folding hands get no new card and forfeit their wagers.

6) After all final hands are viewed the hand is over. The dealer will then distribute the chips accordingly.

*Non-Dice Jurisdictions explained at the bottom of the page



The ante wager must be placed at the beginning of each hand to receive the initial three cards. This wager must be between the table minimum and the table maximum at the time of the hand. The ante wager pushes or receives a 1 to 1 payout on any winning hand according to the play wager pay table.

*Game demo- Place the Ante wager by clicking the “Ante” circle.


The play wager must be placed when the player decides he/she would like to play the hand and receive one new card from the dealer. This Wager must always be equal to the ante wager. The play wager receives a payout according to the Play wager pay table when the hands qualify.

*Game demo- Place the Play wager by clicking the “Play” button.

Natural 31 bonus wager:

This is an optional wager that is not required to play the hand. If the player decides to place this wager they must place the desired chip denomination in the golden “31” circle prior to the dealing of any cards. The only hands eligible for a payout on this wager are natural hands (initial three cards dealt). The payouts for this wager are expressed in the “Natural 31 Bonus” pay table.

*Game demo- Place the bonus wager by clicking the “31” circle.

Determining the Money$uit:

1.) The Money$uit will be determined by (2) custom dice in with a shaker located directly at the center of the table. At the beginning of the hand the dealer will shake the dice to randomly select the Money$uit. Once displayed, One die will show either Hearts/Spades or Diamonds/Clubs and the other will show either the color “Red” or “Black”. Together the color displayed and the corresponding suit showing, will be the Money$uit for that hand. For example, if the color die shows “Black” and the suited die shows Spades/Hearts; the Money$uit will be Spades for that hand. The Money$uit changes every hand, each selection independent from the previous hand.


2.) In “Non-Dice” Jurisdictions, the Money$uit shall remain constant. The desired Money$uit will be printed directly at the center of the table. Any suit can be chosen to match any facility felt color scheme or preference.