Dealer Procedures

(In sample hand #1, please excuse where I miscall the dealer’s cards the “player’s cards”.  Also, in sample hand #4, please excuse where I refer to the dealer’s hand as the player’s and visa versa)

1) The dealer must wait until each player at the table has placed the “Ante”, “3 Card Monster” and optional “4 Card Royal Family Bonus” side wager.

2) Next, the dealer will distribute a 3-card packet, face down, in the dealer’s card spaces located directly in front of the chip rack followed by 4-card packets to each occupied position at the table (from position one to position six).  This will be specifically performed as follows:

A) First, the dealer will remove the 1st 4-card packet from the shuffler and place the entire packet next to the dealer’s 3 card spaces, then slide the top 3 cards of the packet into the 3 individual dealer’s card boxes and rotating the 4th discard (bottom card of the packet) perpendicular to the dealer card boxes leaving the discard in that location until the deal is finished.

B) Next, the dealer will place 4-card packets to the dealer’s right (player’s left) of each occupied player position’s wager circles.  The dealer will simply skip unoccupied player spaces.

3) Once all hands have been dealt, the dealer must remove the remaining cards from the machine and place them in the discard rack along with the dealer’s discard.

4) Once all Play/Fold decisions have been made, the dealer must collect all folded hands and forfeited “Ante”, ”3 Card Monster” and “4 Card Royal Family Bonus” wagers.

5) The hand is now over and the dealer will begin by exposing their hand followed by the hands of each remaining player (from position six to position one) and payout on or collect any losing “Ante”, “Play”, “3 Card Monster” and “4 Card Royal Family Bonus” wagers accordingly. After each hand is resolved in sequence, the dealer will remove the hand and place it in the discard rack before resolving the next hand at the table.

A) First, the dealer will expose their own 3-card hand and determine if they qualify with a King high or better. If the Dealer does not qualify, they will push back any placed “Play” wagers to the players, as if not placed.

B) Next, the dealer will expose each player’s hand, in sequence, and determine if that Player’s best 3 of 4 card hand beats the dealer’s hand, and resolve the players “Play” (if not pushed due to the no qualifier), “Ante” and “3 Card Monster” wagers, in that order.

C) Last, the dealer will determine if the player has qualified for a payout on the “4 Card Royal Family Bonus” wager and payout on or collect the wager accordingly.

6) After all players’ hands are resolved and placed in the discard rack, the dealer will place their hand in the discard rack and place the entire deck back into the shuffle machine, following house procedure, and begin a new hand following the same sequence of procedures.