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Match 31 Rules of Play

Match 31 is a two card hold’em style casino card game with two community cards which players use to complete a three card hand. The objective of the game is to combine suited cards to get a point value of 17 or higher. The game is played with up to seven players playing the odds versus a pay table (not vs. a dealer). Also, each player will have the option of placing a Money$uit Second Chance Bonus wager which the players can place to have the chance to make a second three card hand with the players original two hole cards and the Money$uit card.

The way the game is played goes as follows:

1. Place an Ante wager and optional Money$uit Second Chance Bonus wager

2. Get two cards face down

3. Decide to Play (match Ante Wager) or Fold

4. Two community cards and one Money$uit card will be dealt.

5. Use one community card combined with your two hole cards to create a three card 31 hand. If the Money$uit Second Chance wager is placed, use your two hole cards combined with the Money$uit card to create a second 3 card 31 hand.

6. The dealer will then expose the remaining hands and distribute the chips accordingly.

*Basic Strategy is on the Game Demo page, below the demo.



The ante wager must be placed at the beginning of each hand to receive the initial two cards. This wager must be between the table minimum and the table maximum at the time of the hand. The ante wager receives a 1 to 1 payout on any winning hand according to the play wager paytable.

*Game demo- Place the Ante wager by clicking the “Ante” circle


The play wager must be placed when the player decides he/she would like to play the hand and stay in for the community cards portion of the game. This Wager must always be equal to the ante wager. The play wager receives a payout according to the Play wager paytable when the hand qualifies.

*Game demo- Place the Play wager by clicking the “Play” button

Money$uit Second Chance Bonus wager:

The Money$uit Second Chance Bonus wager is an optional wager that is not required to play the hand. This wager can be placed if the player would like to make a second 3 card 31 hand comnining their 2 hole cards with the Money$uit card. This wager must be between the posted minimum or maximum unless otherwise specified.

*Game demo- Place the Money$uit Second Chance Bonus wager by clicking the Money$uit Second Chance wager circle.

Determining the Money$uit:

1.) The Money$uit will be determined by a single card dealt in the Money$uit card space. The suit on the card will be the Money$uit for that hand.

Additional rules of play:

  • Each player shall be responsible for his/her own cards and no person other than the dealer and the player to whom the cards were dealt can contact the cards of that player.
  • No community cards may be exposed before all play/fold decisions have been made by all players involved in the hand.
  • Only players seated at the table are permitted to place a wager. Once a player has placed a wager and received cards, the player must remain seated until the completion of the hand.
  • Each player in only permitted to play one position at the table.

*An additional five card bonus wager can be instated into the game. (the player’s two hole cards + the two community cards + the Money$uit card)