Empty The Rack Blackjack Rules


“Empty The Rack Blackjack” is a Blackjack bonus wager that adds excitement and volatility to the base game of Blackjack, while leaving the base game undisturbed.

  1. “Empty The Rack Blackjack” is an optional bonus wager that can be added to any Standard Blackjack game. 
  2. The “Empty The Rack Blackjack” bonus wager is optional to the player and has no effect on the underlying base game of Blackjack.
  3. At the start of the hand, if the player desires to play “Empty The Rack Blackjack” he/she simply must place the desired wager amount in the “Empty The Rack Blackjack” bonus wager circle, prior to the dealing of any cards.
  4. The “Empty The Rack Blackjack” bonus wager pays odds based upon the player’s 1st two cards dealt, according to the posted pay table.