Double Shot 31 Game Demo

Double Shot 31 Game Demo


Combine up to 3 $uited cards to get a hand worth 16 points or higher

  1. Place an “Ante” and get two cards.
  2. Decide to play (match your “Ante”) or fold.
  3. If you play, use ONE of the community cards to make your best 3 card hand.
  4. The side wager are optional and apply to your hole cards (1st 2 cards) or all 4 cards, respectively.


Basic Strategy

Play if you have:

– Suited 9 or better (one or two suited cards)

– Unsuited 7/6 or better (two different unsuited cards)

– Any Pair


Demo Instructions

1)Place Ante and optional Big Draw Hole Card Bonus and/or $1 All 4 Royal Family Bonus wagers by clicking the corresponding circles

2)Click deal

3)Choose to play or fold by clicking the corresponding button (Play wager will be placed upon clicking “PLAY”)

4)Choose to repeat the same wagers by clicking”Re-bet” or start fresh by clicking “New Hand”