<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">31 Classic Procedures</span>

31 Classic Dealer Procedures


1) The dealer must wait until each player at the table places the ante wager and optional Natural 31 Bonus wagers.

2) Once all of these bets have been placed the hand will begin.

3) The dealer will distribute four card hands face down to each occupied position at the table (3 to the right of the player’s wager circles and 1 in the “draw” card space, from position one to position six/seven). This will be specifically performed by the dealer removing a 4 card hand from the shuffle machine, placing the four cards to the right of the player’s wager circles, then sliding the top card into the “Draw” card space.

4) Each spot where a player is present, the dealer will perform step #3. Each position that is vacant the dealer will simply skip to the next occupied position.

5) Once all hands have been dealt, the dealer must remove the remaining cards from the machine and place them in the discard rack.

6) Next, the dealer must wait until all play/fold decisions have been made.

7) Once all decisions have been made the dealer must collect all folded hands and forfeited Ante/Bonus wagers.

8) Once all folded hands/wagers have been collected, the dealer will begin to expose the hands of each player (from position six/seven to position one) and payout on or collect any losing ante, play and Natural 31 Bonus wagers accordingly. After each hand is resolved in sequence, the dealer will remove the hand and place it in the discard rack before resolving the next hand at the table.

A) First, the dealer will expose the players “Natural” 3 card hand and resolve the Natural 31 Bonus wager using those initial 3 cards only.

B) Next, the dealer will then flip the draw card and make the best 3 out of the players 4 card hand and resolve the “Ante” and “Play” wagers accordingly. All pushing and winning hands will either push or receive 1-1 on their “Ante” wager, according to the play wager pay table.

10) Next, the dealer will shuffle the deck and place it back into the shuffle machine, following house procedure and begin a new hand following the same sequence of procedures.