3 Card Fury Rules

Rules of Play

Advantage Play 3 Card Fury is player vs dealer 3-card poker style game, where the object of the game is to make your best 3 card poker hand to beat the dealer’s hand.  Players are given 4 cards, while the dealer is given only 3.  The dealer must possess a King high or greater in order to “qualify” and activate the player’s Play wager.

The way the game is played goes as follows:

1) Place an “Ante”, equal in size “3 Card Monster” and optional “4 Card Royal Family Bonus” and/or “7 Card Bonus” Wagers.

2) Get 4 cards face down.

3) Decide to Play (match Ante Wager) or Fold

4) After all Play/Fold decisions are made, the hand is over.

5) The dealer will expose their hand, followed by each player’s hand at the table, then pay out on or take the wagers accordingly.