Money$uit Industries LLC. is the leading and sole proprietary table games provider supplying the gaming industry with patent protected 31 based table games.¬† Several games in the company’s portfolio are based on the popular family style card game “31” (also known as Scat, Blitz, Tonk 31, Knock and a number of other names).¬† 31 is a different style of card game. The object of the game is to combine the point values of up to 3 suited cards, to get a hand as close to 31 points as possible.

Money$uit Industries’ 31 based offerings include Money$uit 31, 31 Classic, Double Shot 31 and Match 31.

In addition to the 31 based table games in the company’s proprietary table game portfolio, ¬†Advantage Play 3 Card Fury is Money$uit Industries’ flagship poker based table product and Empty The Rack Blackjack is our flagship Blackjack side wager.

31 Hand Examples: