Money$uit Industries LLC. is the leading and sole proprietary table games provider supplying the gaming industry with patent protected 31 based table games. All games in the company’s portfolio are based on the popular family style card game “31” (also known as Scat, Blitz, Tonk 31, Knock and a number of other names). 31 is a different style of card game. The object of the game is to combine the point values of up to 3 suited cards, to get a hand as close to 31 points as possible.

Money$uit Industries’ offerings include Money$uit 31, 31 Classic and Match 31. Money$uit 31 and 31 Classic are basically the same game, where Money$uit 31 offers a built-in odds multiplier system based around a single randomly determined bonus “Money$uit”, while 31 Classic simply offers the same odds on all 4 suits equally. Match 31 is a slightly more complex version of Money$uit 31, with a very distinctly different game play.

Hand Examples: